The Vitamins - Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health 3rd edition free download

The Vitamins remains a book designed for use in an academic course on the topic; thus, I retained its conceptual orientation. But the book is also intended to serve as a ready reference for nutritionists, dieticians, food scientists, clinicians, and other professionals in the biomedical and health communities. 
Book has expanded its depth of coverage in several areas, particularly those related to the health effects  associated with vitamin status and/or use. In so doing, book also increased the documentation provided by footnoting important findings with citations from the primary literature. Book made such revisions to each chapter based on recent research findings. Therefore, it is of interest to note that generally the chapters book expanded most were those to which book had made the most significant changes in preparing the second edition: vitamin A (5), vitamin D (6), vitamin E (7), vitamin C (8), and folate (16). To this list book add the chapters on quasi-vitamins (19) and quantifying vitamin requirements (20). book revised the coverage of the quasi-vitamins with an expanded discussion
of flavonoids and a new section on non-provitamin A carotenoids (lycopene, xanthophylls, etc.) both of which areas are the subject of interesting current research. 
Book completed the vitamin requirements chapters with expanded information about the Dietary
Reference Intakes (DRIs), not all of which had been published by the time the second edition went to press.