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Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry 6th Edition 

History and Evolution of Medicinal Chemistry 

Just as in all fields of science, the history of medicinal chemistry is comprised of the ideas, knowledge, and available tools that have advanced contemporary knowledge. The spectacular advances in medicinal chemistry over the years are no exception. Burger (1) stated that “the great advances of medicinal chemistry have been achieved by two types of investigators: those with the genius of prophetic logic, who have opened a new field by interpreting correctly a few well-placed experiments, whether they pertained to the design or the mechanism of action of drugs; and those who have varied patiently the chemical structures of physiologically active compounds until a useful drug could be evolved as a tool in medicine.”
To place the development of medicinal chemical research into its proper perspective, one needs to examine the evolution of the ideas and concepts that have led to our present knowledge