Oxycontin manufacturer Purdue applies for bankruptcy DAZ.online


At the end of August it was announced that the US pharmaceutical company Purdue had agreed with the authorities on a billion package. In return, around 2000 lawsuits related to the opioid crisis are expected to be dropped. A careless handling of Purdue's painkiller Oxycontin should have been one of the drivers of the crisis. Now the company has filed for bankruptcy. 

The US pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, against which more than 2000 lawsuits are pending for its painkiller Oxycontin® (oxycodone), has filed for bankruptcy. With the bankruptcy proceedings under Chapter 11 Purdue wants to settle the complaints, as the company announced on Sunday evening (local time) in New York. The company is to be transferred to a public-sector foundation.

It is being prosecuted because states, cities and counties are reclaiming from the company billions of dollars spent on the fight against opiate addiction and overdose. Purdue should be largely responsible for the misuse of the opioid with its aggressive and trivializing marketing. Among other things, a promotional video was sent to thousands of doctors, which put the search risk of Oxycontin® below 1 percent. In addition, discount coupons were redeemed, which were redeemable on presentation of an Oxycontin® regulation