Company Name:
Quality Assurance Department
Recall Action Plan
Revision No.:
Issue Date: 

Product: ___________________ B. No.: _________________ B. Size:___________

Mfg. Date: ___________ Exp. Date: _________ Qty Packed (Units):_____________

Prod. Manager: ____________________ QA Manager: ______________________

Complaint Received On: _________ From: __________ By: ___________________

Nature of Complaint: £Quality      £Safety      £Labeling      £Compliance Issue      £Other (Pl. Specify) __________________________________________________

 Immediate Action:
Stock Available in Store: ___________________ As on: ________________

Further Distribution Status: _______________________________________

Distribution Record: ____________________________________________

Inventory Control Mgr: _______________ QA Mgr: ___________________

Recall and Reconciliation:
Agent / Distributor Name
Contact Person & No
Contacted on and By
Qty Delivered
Qty Returned / Date
Diff /Sold


Remarks: ____________________________________________________________

_________________                                                                                  ________________
Inventory Control Mgr                                                                                   QA Incharge

Review and Disposal:
Batch Documents Review: __________________________________________

Tests and Analysis: ________________________________________________

Other Investigation Details:_________________________________________

Final Disposal Decision: ____________________________________________

Recall Action Initiated on: __________________ Closed On: ______________

_____________                               ____________                                 ______________
QC Manager                                     QA Manager                               Director

Ref. SOP-08-013