Preparation of Disinfectant Solution

1.        Purpose:-

This procedure is developed to ensure correct and safe preparation of disinfectant solution.

2.        Scope:-

This Procedure applies to cleaning of aseptic area.

3.        HSE Statement:-                                

3.1.      Follow the following instructions to perform the subjected job in safe manners.
3.1.1.      Only trained and knowledgeable persons perform subjected job.
3.1.2.      All work is performed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.
3.1.3.      Report any job related injuries or illnesses, questions on health and safety, or any unsafe or unhealthy working conditions to supervisor.
3.1.4.      Personal protective equipment necessary to perform subjected job in safe manners.

4.        Responsibilities:-              

4.1.      Lab Assistant is responsible to conduct assigned tasks in a safe manner and report to supervisor in case of any problem.
4.2.      Lab. Assistant is responsible to carry out the preparation of disinfectant solution under his supervision.
4.3.      Microbiologist is responsible to manage all activities include operator training, record keeping, proper use of personal protective equipment & other related tasks.

5.        Materials:-                        

                    i.                 Measuring cylinder
                  ii.                 Beaker
                iii.                 Disinfectant chemical
                iv.                 Spray bottles
                  v.                 SS buckets 

6.        Definition:-

6.1.      Disinfectant Solution

The solution used to clear the area from viable micro-organisms (microbes)

7.        Flow Chart:-          


8.        Description:-

8.1.      Procedure:-
ü   Clean all utensils thoroughly with Filtered W.F.I (70 – 80 oC).
ü   Use the sterilized buckets for preparation of solution.
ü   Fill the spray bottles and buckets with disinfectant solution (as per composition below) and keep them at designated locations. 


8.2.      List of Disinfectant With Composition

8.2.1.      Mopping Solution

5 % Phenol
                              Composition for 5.0 L
Phenol (100 %)                       =          250 ml
W.F.I (QS)                              =          5000 ml

0.6%Proceine 40(A Synergistic mixture of Alkyl-Amino-Alkyl-Glycine)
Composition for 5.0 L
Proceine 40                             =          30 ml
W.F.I (QS)                              =          5.0 lit.
2%Vanoquat (Quaternary Ammonium Compound)
Composition for 5.0 L
Vanoquat                    =          100 ml
W.F.I (QS)                  =          5000 ml

8.2.2.      Solutions for Gloved Hands

70 % IPA
Composition for 100 ml
IPA (95 %)                  =          74 ml
W.F.I(QS)                   =          100 ml

8.2.3.      For Fumigation:

25% Biocide B   (Chlorine Dioxide + Quaternary Ammonium Compound)
Composition for 500 ml
Biocide  B                   =          125ml (1 Part)
W.F.I (QS)                  =          500ml (3Part)

2% Glutaraldehyde         *         
Composition for 500 ml
Glutaraldehyde           =          10ml
W.F.I   (QS)                =          500 ml
8.3.      Precautions:-

8.3.1.      Prepare daily fresh disinfectant solution for cleaning and mopping.
8.3.2.      Prepare disinfectant solution in aseptic area.
8.3.3.      Use Sterilized W.F.I. for dilutions.
8.3.4.      Measure exact quantities of disinfectant and W.F.I.    
8.3.5.      Rotate the Disinfectant on weekly Basis.
8.3.6.      Maintain the Preparation & Rotation record.


9.        Record:-

9.1.      RG-04-07                 Preparation & Rotation Record of Disinfectant Solution

10.   Reference:-

10.1.  * USP 36 Edition Volume I

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