Operation of Constant Temperature Incubator

1.     Purpose:-                         
                             To provide a procedure for the operation of Constant Temperature Incubator

     2. Scope:-

                      It is applicable in Microbiology section of the Quality Control Department.

3. HSE Statement:-

Not Applicable.
4. Responsibilities:-

                                i)      Manager Quality Control is responsible to ensure that procedure & formats are followed entirely as approved.
                              ii)      Microbiologist is responsible to operate the instrument.
5. Materials:-

       6. Definitions:-

         6.1 Incubator:-

              Incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. The incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and other conditions such as the carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside.

8. Description:
 8.1 Technical Specifications:-
           Make: -                    Rowsen - China
           Model: -                     PHW 165 Q
           Capacity: -               165 L
           Ambient temp.:-      +5°C ~50°C

 8.2 Procedure:-
 8.2.1 Switch On the apparatus.
 8.2.2 Temperature display: Display the current   temperature inside the cabinet.
8.2.3 Temperature setting key: Three-digit dial key (one decimal), press“-” to decrease the numerical value, press “+ “to increase the numerical value.
8.2.4        The indicator ‘ON’: Light is bright during heating.
8.2.5        The indicator ‘OFF’: Light is bright during  no heating

 8.3 Cleaning:-

 8.3.1 The surfaces of the Constant Temperature Incubator can be cleaned with commercially available
cleaning agents.
8.3.2        It is important to ensure that no rust forming object comes in to contact with the chamber. If any contamination causes rust stains on the surfaces of the chamber, such spots must be cleaned off immediately and the area should be polished.
8.3.3        The control panel, the plastic input modules and other plastic components of the Constant Temperature Incubator must not be cleaned using scouring cleaning agents or those contained solvents.
8.3.4        Lubricate all moving parts of the door using thin silicon grease and to check that the hinge screws are tight.

 8.4 Safety Precautions:-

 8.4.1 The floor should be firm and level.
 8.4.2 Do not place any load on the floor against the side walls or underneath the ceiling of the chamber in
order to ensure proper air circulation inside the chamber.
8.4.3        Always place the Constant Temperature incubator in a well ventilated area.
8.4.4        As a routine working precaution, always wear safety mask and protective gloves when operating loading and unloading the Constant Temperature incubator.
8.5 Calibration Frequency:-

                                        Annually from external source.

9. References:-
                   Manufacturer instructions Manual
10. Records:-

                 Daily basis temperature record for incubators and ovens
11. Distribution:-

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