Drain Cleaning in Controlled  Area

1.           Purpose:-

This is established for proper disinfection and cleaning of drain in production area.

2.           Scope:-

This procedure is applicable to all controlled areas of Production Department.

3.           HSE Statement:-                               

3.1.      Follow the following instructions to perform subjected job in safe manners.
3.1.1.      Only trained and knowledgeable persons perform the subjected job.
3.1.2.      All work is performed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.
3.1.3.      Standard operating procedures are in place to perform the process.
3.1.4.      Report any job related injuries or illnesses, questions on health and safety, or any unsafe or unhealthy working conditions to their supervisor.
3.1.5.      Personal protective equipment necessary for safe use of the equipment,

4.           Responsibilities:-            

4.1.      Sweeper is responsible to conduct assigned tasks in a safe manner and report to officer in case of any problem.
4.2.      Lab Assistant is responsible to monitor the process.
4.3.      Microbiologist is responsible to manage all activities include operator training, record keeping, proper use of personal protective equipment & other related tasks.
5.           Materials:-                       

5.1.      Water For Injection
5.2.      SS Bucket
5.3.      Detol Solution
5.4.      Clean Duster
6.           Definition:-

6.1.      Drain

                        A channel or pipe carrying off surplus liquid or liquid waste

7.           Flow Chart:-                  

8.           Description:-

8.1.      Preparation of Disinfectant Solution:

8.1.1.      10% Detol Solution:
Take 4500 ml of Water for Injection (Q.S) in SS bucket & add 500 ml of Dettol solution (Chloroxylenol 4.8 % w/v) for the preparation 10% solution.

8.2.      Cleaning procedure                       Frequency:     Daily

8.2.1.      After completion of production activities, open the drain & flush it with 2.0 Lit. of      Water For Inj.                          
8.2.2.      Clean the drain with clean duster thoroughly. 
8.2.3.      Pour   500ml of     10 % Dettol solution into the drain by filling the drain upto the level. 
8.2.4.      Cover cup should be dipped into the solution to avoid the reverse contamination.
8.2.5.      The solution should remain in drain overnight & do not pass water.
8.2.6.      Next day run Water For Inj for 2 minutes.
8.2.7.      Maintain Drain Cleaning Record on.

9.           Record:-

9.1.      Drain Cleaning Record                               

10.      Reference:-

10.1.  NA

11.      Distribution:-                  

Sr. #
Distributed to
Received (Current)
Returned (Obsolete)
Quality control Department

Quality Assurance Department 

Quality Management Department

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