KD Tripathi Essential of Medicals Pharmacology pdf free Download (6th Edition)

The unprecedented pace of developments over the recent years in the field of drugs (medicines) has further emphasized the relevance of Pharmacology to health professionals. Molecular targets of drug action are being defined at greater resolution, refining new drugs design. Practice of medicine is transforming from ‘experience (impression) based’ to ‘evidence based’, since more and more credible evidence from well designed clinical studies is now available on the impact of different treatments on mortality, morbidity and other therapeutic outcomes. The present edition is oriented to reflect the contemporary advancements.
Adopting the ‘prototype drug’ approach and a structured, systematic and user-friendly format, the actions, mechanisms, kinetics and toxicological aspects of drugs are described along with the pharmacological basis of their use and role/status in the therapy of various diseases/conditions. By a unique synthesis of pharmacology with clinical medicine, the book is designed to be useful both to the uninitiated medical student, as well as to prescribing physicians.
All chapters have been updated to include recently introduced drugs and published information. Latest therapeutic guidelines from leading professional bodies, WHO and National Health Programmes have been incorporated, especially in areas like hypertension, hyperlipidaemias, stroke prevention, surgical prophylaxis, tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, and HIV-AIDS. Recent developments have been highlighted, notably in hormone replacement therapy, aromatase inhibitors, bisphosphonates, selective COX-2 inhibitors, atypical antipsychotics, therapy of diabetes mellitus, heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, Alzheimer’s disease, parkinsonism, glaucoma, kala azar, etc. A chapter is devoted to the principles of ‘rational use of medicines’, elements of ‘evidence based medicine’ and the process of ‘new drug development’ to reflect current importance of these topics. Another new chapter compiles the clinically important drug interactions. Some other topics added are drug transporters, pharmacogenomics, pharmacovigilance, expiry date of pharmaceuticals, single enantiomer drugs, biological response modifiers, prescribing in pregnancy, etc.
New drugs marketed in India till mid 2007 are included, while obsolete ones are deleted. Infrequently used drugs and those not available in India are described briefly in extract type. Important points are summarized in boxes. Leading trade names with dosage forms are given. Emphasis is placed on the profile of diseases and drug use in India and other tropical countries, so as to be particularly useful to students and doctors in these regions; a need not well addressed by many texts.
Thanks are due to my colleagues and students for their valuable feedback and suggestions. As previously, the major impetus for this edition has come from Shri J.P. Vij, the ever agile Chairman of Jaypee Brothers. Commendable type setting, proof reading and improvement in illustrations has been done respectively by Ms Sunita Katla, Ms Geeta Srivastava and Mr Manoj. The editorial management and moral support of my wife has been a boon.

Essential of Medicals Pharmacology free Download (6th Edition)

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