Geofman Pharmaceuticals

Geofman Pharmaceuticals has been serving the nation for the past four decades. Founded by the Jumlana family in 1973, the company abides by the corporate philosophy of “commitment to quality and service”. The firm has a visionary approach that envisages the need to serve humanity which the company strives to overcome by playing a significant role in elimination of diseases and making high quality medicines available to the population at economical prices.The company has been serving the nation since 45 years and wouldcontinue to do so in the future. All the employees of the company are committed to establishing a healthier society. Geofman Pharmaceuticals strives to continue to develop the most effective quality control system. The company carries out all of its activities in a start of an art facility and ensure that the product are provided to patients with safety & quality as per standards.

Address: 20-23 Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.

DML # 000090


Landline: (+92)-21-35062185-86
Mobile: (+92)-300-8266682

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